October 19

5 Signs Your MacBook Has a Virus | Cyber Security on Long Island

A MacBook can get a virus in a variety of ways. Reaching out to cyber security professionals on Long Island is essential in staying a step ahead of these threats. Educating your employees on how to stay safe against these threats is critical in today’s work environment.

Here are a few of the most common signs that your MacBook is infected with a virus.

1. Slow Computer

A computer that is operating slower than usual is one of the biggest signs that it is infected with a virus. Your Mac may also freeze at random times, or it may not be able to load specific programs. A slow computer often happens due to a malicious virus that’s operating in the background. Using Apple’s built-in security software to scan your MacBook is critical in identifying and eliminating the virus before it causes even more damage.

2. Overheating Issues

Another common problem with viruses is overheating. A MacBook will often begin to overheat due to all of the different processes running in the background without your knowledge. These overheating issues will often get worse over time if you don’t take action. Reaching out to cyber security experts on Long Island is a good idea to investigate the problem and find an immediate solution.

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3. Less Storage Space

A lack of storage space may be another sign that your MacBook is infected with a virus, especially if you haven’t installed any programs lately. You may even notice strange software programs that were installed without your permission. Removing these programs as soon as possible while scanning your computer for viruses is critical in limiting damages.

4. Frequent Pop-Ups

Constantly getting bombarded with pop-up ads is never a fun experience. These pop-up ads also make it nearly impossible to work on a computer. All of these pop-ups are often a sign of adware, as they can often slow your computer down. Removing these unwanted programs is key to taking care of these issues.

5. Browser Problems

An infected browser may redirect you to another site with your permission. Sometimes a browser will continually crash and fail to load a website. All of these issues are a major sign that you are dealing with a virus on your MacBook.

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