October 8

5 Reasons Why Businesses Need to Shift to Managed IT Support on Long Island

Businesses of all sizes benefit from managed service providers (MSPs). A lot of focus goes towards the benefits offered to SMBs. However, those benefits only magnify when a business decides to make the switch to managed IT support on Long Island.

Let’s look at five reasons why your business needs to shift to an MSP:

#1 Round-the-Clock Service and Support

Your enterprise has people working 24/7. It may be people working in different time zones or someone handling the night shift. In any case, you need IT support available to handle any problems that pop up.

Hiring and paying an internal IT team to cover 24/7 is expensive. The better solution is to outsource to an MSP helpdesk. You get all the service you need without the overhead costs of hiring internally.

#2 Access to IT Specialists

The bigger your enterprise is, the more need you have for specialists. You may be running an ERP suite or need multiple databases managed. Your internal team may not have the experience to handle specialized software solutions.

With managed IT support on Long Island, you get instant access to the specialists. You only pay for the time the specialist needs to complete a task, not for an entire salaried position.

#3 Improved Focus on Broader IT Initiatives

Your internal IT team spends a lot of time handling patches, support tickets, and backups. When you outsource your helpdesk, you can free up your internal team to focus on broader IT needs. They can explore ways to improve technology integration into the business or to add more value to the company.

#4 Lower Overhead and More Flexibility

Two of the most overlooked benefits of using managed Long Island IT services are the lower overhead and increased flexibility. With an MSP, you can scale the services to fit your needs. There’s no time spent on hiring and training new personnel. You only pay for the services you need, when you need them.

#5 Continuous IT Improvement

MSPs are always looking for ways to improve IT services. They want to offer the best services at competitive rates for all their clients. They do the research and implement solutions across all their clients. That means each client has access to the latest technology without investing time and money into research.

If your enterprise wants to increase productivity, cut costs, and improve service, you need to explore the use of managed services. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions today— we are the provider of managed IT support Long Island businesses rely on for their helpdesk needs.

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