November 23

5 Reasons to Outsource IT Support in Suffolk

Thanksgiving is a time for businesses to show appreciation for pioneers in technology. A small business can achieve its goals more easily by outsourcing IT support in Suffolk. Here are five key reasons why your business can benefit from hiring a local managed services provider (MSP) to maintain your technology:

1. Market Familiarity

A local MSP is likely to be familiar with your local culture and is able to learn about your business. The more an MSP knows your business needs and goals, the more the firm can provide you with customized solutions that increase your efficiency, productivity and profits. An IT support team in Suffolk will also be operating in your time zone, which helps avoid confusion over scheduling.

2. Easy Access and Onsite Availability

Since an MSP will have an office in your town, the firm will be able to provide you with onsite technicians when you need them. This option is usually not available to national providers who resolve issues remotely. It saves you from hiring another third party when you need onsite hardware maintenance. The 24/7 help desk will bring you additional peace of mind, knowing that you have someone to turn to at all times.

3. Faster Service

A local MSP is likely to resolve your problems faster due to having a closer relationship with your company. While national providers focus on quantity of accounts, local providers are able to focus on the quality of long-term relationships they build with their clients.

You will receive the attention you need in times of emergencies. Since the local provider has invested time in creating a relationship, they will approach your emergencies with a greater sense of urgency. Instead of taking days to resolve your problem, a local MSP seeks to resolve it in hours or minutes, depending on whether it needs onsite maintenance.

4. Better Security and Data Protection

A one-time antivirus software is all a company needed to protect its infrastructure from cyber attacks. In recent years, however, hackers have grown more sophisticated and have made headlines by attacking major government and corporate institutions. That means you have to turn to more sophisticated approaches than just antivirus software to make sure your data isn’t breached.

MSPs keep up with new technology more intensively than in-house IT professionals. As technology experts, MSPs stay competitive by learning as much as possible how to combat cyber threats to help protect your company’s reputation. Modern security solutions are based on multi-layered or segmentation approaches. Network monitoring software with machine learning capabilities has become popular among MSPs in recent years. This solution allows for proactive strategies that prevent cyber attacks.

5. Modern Solutions and Expert Advice

Educated MSPs stay on top of the new software, particularly to gain insight on industry tools for their clients. An effective consultant will help steer your business toward reducing redundant tasks through automation, which will free up time for workers to accelerate in other areas.

Your business can be improved by letting an IT support team in Suffolk help you with your technical issues. To learn more, contact us at Total Technology Solutions so that we can help modernize your technology, which allows you to spend more time developing your business.

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