August 4

4 Tips from IT Consulting Experts on Long Island to Help You Avoid Online Meetings Burnout

Always taking the extra time to care for yourself is essential to your emotional well-being while also allowing you to work more efficiently.

Here are a few simple tips shared by IT consulting experts on Long Island to help you avoid feeling fatigued due to the almost never-ending number of virtual meetings.

1. Schedule Breaks

One of the biggest ways to avoid burnout is to take scheduled breaks throughout the day. Avoiding back-to-back meetings is a great way to stay fresh. A short 10-minute break can help you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on additional work assignments. Simply going outside for a breath of fresh air is the perfect way to relax and help you avoid stress.

2. Avoid Multi-Tasking

Numerous studies have shown that trying to multitask makes it more difficult for you to stay productive. Over time, this can lead to extra stress and additional fatigue. Multitasking negatively impacts your attentiveness, and it is much more challenging to avoid making simple mistakes. IT consulting professionals on Long Island can help you avoid multitasking by downloading various software apps to help you focus while working from home.

3. Moderate Screen Time

Limiting your screen time is another key aspect of improving your emotional well-being and becoming more productive. While it may be difficult to limit screen time while working, it is important to give your eyes a rest from screens while you are on break. Taking a few minutes to make a cup of coffee or perform a few exercise routines is a great way to help you avoid feeling fatigued due to screen time.

4. Disable Notifications

One of the biggest challenges in staying productive is the constant stream of notifications from your smartphone. Continually checking your email, responding to text messages, and social media notifications can quickly drain your mental capabilities and make it difficult to focus on your work. Temporarily turning your notifications off is a great way to stay focused and avoid dealing with unnecessary distractions while you are working.

Understanding how to overcome the mental fatigue of virtual meetings is essential for countless employees across the world. Following these few simple tips can make a big difference in helping you stay productive. Total Technology Solutions offers IT consulting solutions for many different businesses on Long Island. Our goal is to help your employees stay productive in a remote working environment without feeling overwhelmed. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about how we can help your Long Island business through IT support solutions!

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