August 17

4 Key Aspects of Cyber Security for Your Long Island Business

Understanding how to keep your business safe and secure is essential in today’s digital workplace. Working with a cyber security team on Long Island is a great way to remain proactive against the ever-evolving number of cyber threats. Developing a robust security plan gives you much-needed protection in helping you stay a step ahead of these cybercriminals.

Here are four most important aspects of creating a security plan for your business.

1. Communications Policy

Creating a communications policy is critical for businesses small or large. Outlining the use of company email and other resources is important for both legal and security reasons. Providing specific guidelines for employees related to social media, instant messaging, and internet use is the foundation of a communications policy. An IT service provider can help you update your policy to keep up with an ever-changing work environment.

2. Inappropriate Use Policy

The inappropriate use of company resources can lead to a data breach or malware infecting your network. Creating a policy defining inappropriate use is essential in avoiding this situation. Ensuring that each employee understands this policy is important before giving them access to your resources. Monitoring employee activities is also a good idea in taking care of any problems before they become an even bigger issue for your company.

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3. Network Security

Another important aspect of cyber security for your Long Island business is to focus on securing your network. IT helps to work with an IT service provider to perform numerous actions to boost network security, such as enforcing a strong password policy, installing the latest patches, and making sure that only approved devices can access the network. Taking these proactive steps can help reduce many cybersecurity incidents in the workplace.

4. Privacy Policy

Creating restrictions for the distribution of proprietary information is another key policy for businesses. Keeping trade secrets confidential is essential to avoid this information from falling into the wrong hands. A privacy policy also needs to restrict the copying of data for personal use. Using a privacy policy is also important if you collect any data or you risk the chance of being sued by customers or employees.

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Each employee needs to understand these policies to avoid legal implications or a cybersecurity incident. Total Technology Solutions will work with your team in developing and enforcing these policies. Our company has years of experience in offering cyber security on Long Island for a wide range of industries. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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