November 28

4 Justifications for IT Consulting in Long Island

Some companies may be hesitant to outsource IT consulting in Long Island if they’ve had bad experiences with break-fix or in-house teams. It’s important to understand, however, that a professional IT consultant runs on a completely different model than break-fix and in-house teams. Here are four key reasons how they provide valuable help to businesses:

1. Become Aware of Risks

Unlike an IT team that’s only paid to do certain tasks, a more diverse and experienced managed services provider will act more as a partner who provides useful advice. One of the most important favors such a consultant provides is proactive work that helps you prevent downtime, breaches and other disruptions.

2. Conduct an Infrastructure Audit

A skillful IT consulting team in Long Island will run an audit on your entire infrastructure to uncover vulnerabilities. By detecting problems early, you can replace or fix hardware or software before they cause major problems. This audit will serve as a useful assessment of your technology and will help you make better decisions about equipment and maintenance.

3. Design a Disaster Recovery Plan

One of the most important tasks that an IT team can do for a business is design a disaster recovery plan that eliminates panic and confusion in the event of an emergency. The plan lays out clear steps to take if there’s a power outage or other reason for downtime. It specifies roles that employees will take and servers they will switch to for maintaining business continuity.

4. Run Routine Tests

Your IT support in Long Island can further help your business run more smoothly by conducting regular tests. Checking to make sure data can be accessed at all times is a strong practice. IT experts can test files to make sure they aren’t corrupt and test programs to make sure they run without slowdowns.


There are plenty more reasons to embrace IT consulting in Long Island. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about how we can elevate your business to a modern technological level so that you can concentrate on your goals.

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