October 2

3 Ways IT Consulting Specialists on Long Island Can Help Your Business Transition to Remote Work

A large number of employees are working from home, and IT consulting professionals on Long Island can help your business during this transition process. Remote work offers many benefits for employees as it provides a greater work/life balance by giving your employees additional flexibility. Your employees can also save a lot of time and money without having to commute back and forth to work each day.

However, transitioning to a remote work environment isn’t without a few challenges. Avoiding technical difficulties and keeping employees productive isn’t always an easy task. Reaching out to IT experts is always a good idea to help your business during this transition process.

Here are three ways IT consulting experts on Long Island can help your employees work from home:

1. Take Advantage of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing makes it simple for each employee to work from home or any other location. All of your data is updated in real-time on the cloud, which makes it easy for multiple employees to work with each other on the same project. All of this information is also protected with encryption to ensure it doesn’t fall into the hands of cybercriminals.

2. Use a Virtual Desktop

A virtual desktop allows employees to work from home without feeling like they have left the office. All of your data is easily accessible, which helps each employee stay productive while also reducing the learning curve. A managed services provider on Long Island is available at any time to offer tech support and to reduce downtime.

3. Maintain Compliance

Keeping data safe and avoiding breaches is essential for any company. Cloud-based infrastructure is designed to limit the chance of a data breach and keep your information secure. A managed IT service provider also gives you an added layer of security by offering around the clock monitoring services and patch management. An IT support company can also train your employees on how to recognize common cybersecurity schemes to further protect your data and stay in compliance with various regulations.

Remote working is now a reality for countless businesses across the entire world. Access to the cloud helps your employees stay connected while also keeping your data secure. Total Technology Solutions can help your business fully take advantage of remote working. Our IT team will give you around the clock support to ensure you can always reach out to us if you encounter any problems. For more information, feel free to reach out to our IT consulting team on Long Island!

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