December 7

3 Ways an IT Consulting Company in Long Island Can Help You Avoid Tech Support Scams

Many companies receive fraudulent calls regarding tech support every day, so it is critical to partner with an IT consulting company in Long Island as they can help your business avoid falling victim to these schemes. These schemes often involve a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft or another well-known tech company, who tries convince you that your computer is infected with a virus. Of course, Microsoft or any other reputable tech firm would never call users in this manner. It is best just to hang up the phone. If you remain on the line, they will typically ask for personal information as they try to “help” you clean your device of any viruses or malware. Partnering with an IT provider can help your staff avoid these scams. To that end, we’re discussing three ways to help your company avoid these cybercriminal schemes:

1. Additional Training

One of the best services an IT provider can offer companies to avoid these schemes is additional training for each employee. These courses can be held anytime and educate employees on the most common ways cybercriminals try to gain confidential information. It is important for all employees to attend these seminars, as it only takes one uninformed employee’s mistake to cause devastating consequences. Instead, it is worth the extra time to ensure each employee attends these training sessions and understands the importance of avoiding these scams.

2. Frequent Updates

Another important way an IT consulting company in Long Island can help your business avoid emerging threats is through the installation of frequent updates. A great IT provider will ensure each computer has access to the latest security updates, providing another layer of protection against cybercriminals. Keeping anti-virus software updated will ensure your company is protected at all times and can help minimize the damage of any tech support scams.

3. Never Give Credit Card Information

The vast majority of tech support fraud schemes revolve around gaining credit card information from an unsuspecting user. Employees should be vigilant and hang up if someone requests payment information, like credit card numbers, over the phone. What’s more, they need to report the attempted cybercrime to your IT provider. If an employee makes the critical mistake of giving out credit card information, it is essential they contact the credit card provider as soon as possible and create an incident report with your IT provider immediately.

Cybersecurity is essential in today’s workplace. Partnering with an IT consulting company in Long Island offers many benefits, including additional training to avoid tech support scams. Such scams are becoming more prevalent and they only need one employee to make a mistake to cause havoc for your firm. Total Technology Solutions is an IT support company specializing in cybersecurity and helping organizations avoid becoming falling victim to these malicious scams. Our IT staff is always available to provide guidance and will be glad to answer any additional questions. Contact us now if you have any IT-related concerns.

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