June 12

3 Ways to Improve Your Business Using the Cloud and IT Support in Long Island

Many companies are talking about using IT support in Long Island to migrate to the cloud. If you are yet to consider the business benefits of cloud computing, you may be losing out on a great way to use technology to improve your business processes. There are opportunities for small, medium, and large businesses to increase accessibility, reduce infrastructure costs, and upgrade their disaster recovery plans. Here are just three specific ways you can start using the cloud in your business:

1. Data Storage and Backup

The cloud can act as a very effective data storage location. The benefits of using it are that it is an offline internet-based storage, it can be accessed easily and from anywhere, it is easy to automate backup, and it can be cheaper. In the event of a business disaster, you can just as easily restore files and programs that may have been lost or damaged from your cloud data backup. Experts are now recommending that businesses should have more than one backup location and have the cloud as one of these.

2. Remote Collaboration and File Sharing

Thanks to cloud computing, it’s now almost as easy to interact and collaborate with business partners and employees even when you are thousands of miles apart. File sharing and remote collaboration are made possible because anyone, anywhere with the right authorization, can access the required files stored and shared in the cloud over an internet connection. Many businesses are now tapping into the advantages of giving their employees the option to work remotely, such as increased freedom, comfort, and productivity.

3. Scaling the Business Affordably

The costs of having your own business servers and IT infrastructure may be unreachable for a business just starting out. With the cloud, you can scale up your business quite quickly, easily, and affordably as and when you need to. With IT support in Long Island, you can change how much cloud space you require and pay for only what space you need.
Cloud computing can radically impact how your team uses technology by allowing more flexibility, accessibility, and convenience. If you’re looking for IT support in Long Island to get you started with the cloud, look no further than Total Technology Solutions. We have many years of experience in providing IT solutions to businesses in various industries. We can get you set up with our secure cloud offering, so you start reaping the benefits of having a cloud service. Reach out to us to learn more.

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