March 17

3 Ways Your Company Can Enhance Mobile Device Endpoint Security | Cyber Security on Long Island

When cyber security experts on Long Island mention mobile device endpoint security, they discuss a cyber security measure that allows companies to protect data and devices on corporate networks or the cloud. It is a move that reduces the risk of unauthorized access to an organization’s systems by scrutinizing files as they enter a network. This is because it takes a multi-layered approach to secure mobile devices to help with:

  • Detecting and preventing threats in real-time
  • Reducing the attack surface
  • Automating responses for security events

Here are the top ways you can enhance mobile device endpoint security for your firm:

1. Data Encryption

One of the ways to secure mobile device endpoints is by encrypting data that travels between the endpoints. Encryption can help protect data that you send, receive, and store. Encrypting data scrambles readable text so that the only individual who can read it is the one who has a decryption key or a secret code. It helps to work with cyber security specialists on Long Island as they offer trustworthy and reliable data encryption solutions that translate messages into a unique code.

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2. Train Employees on the Best Cyber Security and Download Practices

Another way to enhance mobile device endpoint security is to educate employees on the best download and cyber security practices. It becomes challenging, especially in a BYOD culture where employers have little control over what employees do with their mobile devices outside office hours.

To counter this, develop a system where staff can download a company’s endpoint security solution before connecting their mobile devices to the network. Unfortunately, when using other networks, they can download harmful applications that can carry malware and trojans, etc. An excellent solution would be to have cyber security experts come in often to educate everyone on the best practices for mobile endpoint security to stay safe.

3. Keeping Apps Mobile Apps and Operating Systems Updated

Entrepreneurs should understand that vulnerabilities in mobile devices happen quite often. Hackers or attackers use the vulnerabilities to access sensitive details. Firmware vendors normally produce security updates to try and fix the weaknesses. The same applies to mobile app developers who develop updates and patches to fix vulnerabilities they discover. Therefore, companies should have solutions put in place to maintain an inventory of mobile devices and apps. It helps you constantly check for updates and patches that help with endpoint security.


It’s not always easy to identify a dependable company that offers the most ideal mobile device endpoint security solutions. We are happy to tell you that working with Total Technology Solutions is one of the best decisions you will ever make. We offer superior cyber security services to ensure your business on Long Island remains protected at all times. Contact us now to learn about our services.

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