March 6

3 Ways to Back Up Your Data with The Help of a Managed IT Services Provider in Long Island

While many businesses are aware that data loss can occur due to a natural disaster, cyber attacks, and hardware failure, however, the greatest threat to data loss is employees. For example, employees can accidentally delete files or fail to correctly backup data. Disgruntled employees may even purposely remove information. A managed IT services provider in Long Island can help you avoid these risks and ensure that your information is well-protected. Here are three ways that an MSP can help backup data and help your business avoid suffering catastrophic data losses:

1. Cloud Storage

One of the most effective ways to keep your data protected is through using cloud services. For example, cloud storage enables your business to upload information to an offsite cloud server. This offsite server is protected with encryption to ensure that unauthorized users cannot gain access to your data. If your company experiences a natural disaster, the data can be easily downloaded from another location. On the other hand, failure to use cloud storage can cause devastating consequences, which can even lead a company to shut down permanently.

2. Cloud Backups

A managed IT services provider in Long Island can help your company use cloud backups. While cloud backups and cloud storage sound very similar, they have two distinct characteristics. Cloud backups is a software-based service that automatically backups your data whenever there are any changes. Instead of manually backing up data, the software will do all of the work and allow employees to focus on their core job responsibilities without any distractions. These data backups will also store previous versions up to 90 days, which is just another layer of protection from viruses or ransomware that may infect the current data.

3. Disaster Recovery Strategy

Finally, an MSP can help your organization develop a disaster recovery strategy. These strategies will prepare employees for a wide variety of emergency situations and give them guidance on the best ways to limit data loss. On the other hand, companies that fail to prepare for a disaster recovery plan can suffer unretrievable data loss that will affect everyone within the organization.
A managed IT services provider in Long Island can help your business to backup critical data and be well-prepared for any emergency situation. Total Technology Solutions is an MSP that helps businesses develop a disaster recovery strategy and protects their data with the help of cloud storage and backups. We understand the importance of keeping data protected, as mass data breaches have become increasingly common. However, your business can have the peace of mind knowing that all of your information is safe from cyber attacks, natural disasters, human errors, or hardware failure. Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Contact us now and let us help you set up a data backup strategy that will keep your information safe.

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