November 9

3 Essential Things Every CEO Needs to Know About Cyber Security on Long Island

The world of cybersecurity is changing rapidly. It’s more crucial than ever to stay on top of the latest trends and developments in cyber security on Long Island to ensure your company is protected. However, not all CEOs know where to start with this issue. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 3 crucial things every CEO needs to understand when addressing cyber security issues for their business! Read on to learn more.

1. Your Team’s Knowledge about the Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks on Your Organization

In today’s security-conscious world, it’s more important than ever to be aware of the vulnerabilities that may exist in your company and how a cyber-attack can impact you. A recent survey revealed that over 70% of employees are not sufficiently informed about the potential impacts of a data breach on their company.

The cyber security world has an endless battle between cybercriminals and the team protecting your company. The most important thing that your organization can do is educate your team on how vulnerable you might be and what impacts cyber-attacks could have. The cyber security of your Long Island business will be top-tier if all your employees are aware of the risks that exist and know what they need to do if a breach occurs.

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2. Understand the Specific Risks to Your Business and the Best Ways to Address Them

It’s hard for any organization to be completely immune from cyber threats. So it’s essential to understand specific cyber threats to your business and implement appropriate security measures to protect your personal and professional data from those risks. Cyber security is not just a concern for big companies or government agencies. Small and medium-sized organizations face many of the same cyber risks as their larger counterparts, including intellectual property theft, loss of sensitive data, and interruption to critical operations.

3. Your Company’s Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

Does your organization have an active cybersecurity incident response plan? Do you know how effective it is? And how often do you evaluate your plan? When it comes to cyber security, you need to be proactive. The appropriate way to do this is to implement a cyber security incident response plan to protect your company against data breaches and other cyber attacks and ensure it’s effective by regularly testing it.

To help you determine if your company has an effective cyber security incident response plan, here are four questions to ask yourself:

  • Who within my organization is responsible for handling cyber security incidents?
  • Is your company prepared with resources such as contact information and tools necessary to handle a security breach?
  • Have you tested your cyber-attack response plan recently?
  • What’s the first step that needs to be taken immediately following a cyber threat?


Cyber security is a complex topic that often has many different aspects to it. If you’re a CEO, you need to understand essential things about cyber security to protect your company on Long Island from losing sensitive data, property theft, and interruption of critical operations due to cyber-attacks. Total Technology Solutions can be your ally when it comes to the cyber security side of your business. Get in touch with us to learn about how we can help you protect your business with the use of the latest cyber security solutions.

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