March 6

3 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes That IT Support Experts in Suffolk Can Help Prevent

Cybersecurity is one of the leading topics for businesses today. Certainly, not every strategy is foolproof, so it is essential that each employee understands the various risks and how to minimize cybersecurity threats. Recent security breaches have forced companies to consider more stringent practices. IT support experts in Suffolk can help you ensure that each of your employees remains in compliance while also providing frequent security updates. Here are three common cybersecurity mistakes that businesses make and how IT experts can keep your organization well-protected:

1. Depending Solely on Exterior Security

One of the first mistakes that businesses always make is that they rely on perimeter security measures to keep their information safe without considering additional options. While it is essential to use firewalls and virus protection, IT experts can also provide other security layers to ensure that your organization has state-of-the-art protection. These security measures can include additional employee training, two-factor authentication, and advanced governance technology that monitors for any unusual activity. Ultimately, the added security protection provided by IT experts can help prevent many data breaches and ensure that your business is always secure.

2. Open Security Models

Another common error that businesses make is the use of open security models that can potentially expose confidential information to cybercriminals. While open security models make it easy for employees to work together and share information, it can also lead to significant security breaches. Instead, it is much more effective to use a “need-to-know” security model provided by an IT support provider in Suffolk. This type of security model ensures that data is only available to specific employees, instead of being open to everyone within the company. Ultimately, this significantly boosts security and can prevent the vast majority of data breaches.

3. Lack of a Data Retention Policy

Many companies fail to install a data retention policy, which can cause devastating consequences if your business ever suffers from a data breach. However, partnering with an MSP can help you store data on the cloud, without having to worry about manually backing up data. Instead, all of the data is backed up automatically to the cloud each time data is changed or updated. An MSP can also help your company delete outdated information while still keeping all of the information secure on an offsite cloud server that is protected with encryption.
Cyber attacks will only continue to grow more prevalent, so it is essential to partner with an IT support provider in Suffolk that can help your business avoid making cybersecurity mistakes. Total Technology Solutions is a full-service IT provider that helps companies stay protected from the vast array of cyber threats while also providing access to the best technology available. Our IT staff is available to provide guidance and answer questions at any time. Our primary focus is to provide excellent IT services that will enable companies to reach new levels of success and exceed expectations. Contact us now if you are interested in learning more about cybersecurity.

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