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Our IT Services Lineup For Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk & Across the Country

Total is a full-service IT solutions provider distinguished by broad expertise and a singular focus on the needs of our clients. Our mission is to secure and support IT infrastructure with reliable solutions and exceptional service so that Total clients can focus on their core businesses.
Our solutions originate with our most important asset, our exceptionally talented team of engineers and technicians and include:
Managed Services (ESP)  Cybersecurity (Total’s Layered Defense)
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery  Cloud Offerings
Professional IT Services  Hardware  Training
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Industries We Serve for Managed IT Services on Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk & Across the Country

Business - Public & Private

Educational Institutions

Financial Institutions







Public Safety


...And More

Total's IT Consulting & Managed IT Services Executive Team On Long Island

Vincent Tedesco
President & CEO
Lisa Guerin
Sr. Vice President Operations
Tim McKnight
Managing Partner
Joseph Cassano
Director of Finance
Chris Repetti
Chief Technology Officer

Our IT Support Customers On Long Island & Across the Country

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The Top 10 Reasons to Work with Total for IT Support

Affordable Enterprise-Class Solutions

Total’s services are efficient, cost effective and time proven.

Industry Best Practices

Our client commitment is simple: Superior service and solutions at all times.

Dependable & Committed

Total’s support staff is 100% USA-based. No outsourcing.

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Goal. Client Satisfaction.

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Auxiliary Managed IT Services Blog Posts For Long Island

Reasons You Should Hire a Managed IT Services Provider in Long Island

Managed IT services in Long Island are gaining ground across all businesses. Firms are demanding for software that can meet the needs of their clients, as well as solve the problems they face internally.

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Managed IT Services Providers in Long Island Can Help You Implement Firewall Solutions

System security is one of the major considerations made by businesses when opting for managed IT services in Long Island. A secure system is more viable and productive. But what does it really mean to have a secure system?

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Top 5 Questions to Ask a Managed IT Services Provider in Long Island

A reputable managed IT services provider in Long Island can assist your company in optimizing operations, minimizing expenditures, and boosting productivity. When hiring the provider to collaborate with, it’s imperative to ask queries that will equip you with an in-depth understanding of how the collaboration will work and what services you should expect.

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Additional IT Support Blog Posts For Long Island

IT Support in Long Island: 4 Benefits of Web Content Filtering

Web content filtering is referred to software that is created to restrict certain websites that a user has access to over the internet. In between conducting research, creating marketing drafts, and analyzing sales data, productive employees can give themselves a quick break to their social media profiles, which is a problem since the company’s bandwidth may be clogged with non-company media files.

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Protect Your Business and Data with IT Support in Long Island

The days of cyber attackers solely gunning for the massive international corporations and other large organizations are long gone. Nowadays, every type of institution is at risk, whether it’s a small business owned by a sole entrepreneur, a regional business, or a monolithic corporation with locations around the world.

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Components of an Ideal IT Support Plan in Long Island

IT support in Long Island is a valuable part of any successful company. For many of them, work comes to a halt when technical problems occur; having an all-inclusive IT technical support is the best way to get these problems quickly resolved. It also ensures your data is safe and your network is protected from any viruses or hackers.

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IT Support Blog Posts For Suffolk

IT Support Suffolk Business Advice: Take Password Protection Seriously!

IT support in Suffolk can seriously help you maintain your online security with several simple changes to established protocols. Granted, human beings are brilliant enough to invent modern “thinking machines,” also known as computers. With that brilliance, they’re naturally going to be able to find their way into secure operations when enough resources and manpower are available.

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3 Ways IT Support Experts in Suffolk Can Help You Budget Your IT Security

Running a business involves investing a lot of time and money. It is difficult to determine which parts you should be investing the most because every part of the business is important and complements each other. IT support experts in Suffolk believe that investing time in budgeting your IT security is crucial in the survival of your business.

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Missteps to Avoid When Hiring IT Support Suffolk

Navigating the maze of IT support provider in Suffolk is more difficult than most assume. You’ve likely pondered the merits of IT service providers and emerged from these deliberations without a clear answer.

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IT Consulting Long Island Blog Posts

IT Support in Long Island: Identifying the Most Common Social Engineering Attacks and Preventing Them

IT support providers in Long Island have noted an increase in social engineering attacks on SMBs and enterprises. The disturbing truth is that these attacks are advancing each day. The hackers and cybercriminals are always inventing new ways of fooling individuals into giving them access to confidential information.

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Is Your IT Personnel Mismanaging Your System? Time to Switch to a New IT Support in Long Island!

The management of your IT system is dependent on the protocols you’re using in terms of IT support in Long Island. If you have an IT guy but the system is still susceptible to extensive problems like data loss and network connection outages (among other problems), then you need a new driving force behind your technology.

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Do You Need an IT Consulting Firm in Long Island for Network Vulnerability Analysis?

If your business relies on computers and the internet for daily operations, you should think about hiring an IT consulting firm in Long Island to perform a vulnerability analysis of your network. In general, the advances in technology and the improvements in commercial internet setups have made numerous business processes fast, convenient, and inexpensive.

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Data Recovery Long Island Blog Posts

Components of an Ideal IT Support Plan in Long Island

IT support in Long Island is a valuable part of any successful company. For many of them, work comes to a halt when technical problems occur; having an all-inclusive IT technical support is the best way to get these problems quickly resolved. It also ensures your data is safe and your network is protected from any viruses or hackers.

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How a Managed IT Services Provider in Long Island Can Protect Your Business against Ransomware

Managed IT services providers in Long Island keep up with the times and take proactive measures to prevent ransomware attacks. This type of cyber attack has become common among hackers as they freeze up computers and demand to be paid in cryptocurrency. Here are approaches that protect your business from cyber attacks:

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Here’s Why Facilitating Data Recovery in Long Island is Best Done Through Professionals

Data recovery in Long Island is fundamental for businesses today and there are a number of reasons why. Today’s operational environment is increasingly beset with underhanded cybercriminal activity. A lot more hackers than you may realize aim their malware at unsuspecting small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). So if you’re in the 43% of smaller corporations targeted, you need some type of data recovery solution for when that worst-case scenario knocks all your other protection provisions out of commission.

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